Sunday, June 5, 2016

Off to Scotland

This post will be brief; in just under an hour, we will be leaving this lovely, extraordinarily small London hotel room and walking up the street to St Pancras station to board our train to Scotland. I need to spend several days researching at the National Library of Scotland, probably the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Aberdeen, so we'll be in Scotland (Edinburgh and Aberdeen) for the next week. It's part work, part holiday; yesterday was our five-year anniversary, and Husband has only just joined me in the UK, so we're making sure to take some time to reconnect and enjoy our time together.

We spent yesterday in London: lunch at a noodle place near the British Library, tea with a professor friend at the BL (I was so happy to have their bakewell tart again!), an afternoon of wandering through the medieval and Renaissance religious art at the National Gallery, and then, to celebrate our anniversary in our best fashion, dinner at our favorite London pub, the Greenwich Union. They make a fantastic fish and chips and brew their own amazing beer...and when they heard that we were an American couple who had come out to this pub specifically to celebrate our anniversary, they also gave us tasters of all their beer which we hadn't already ordered. Husband and I have decided to renew the franchise for another five years. :-)

We got up too early this morning to attend the early service at St Pancras New Church, just up the street from the BL and our hotel, and then found some delicious breakfast at a cute pub called The Water Rats. I suppose now I'm just killing time until we have to head over to the train station. I did want to let you all know where we're off to. I've never been to Scotland and I'm really looking forward to this trip!

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