Monday, May 23, 2016

The way to the pub

First, walk right past the closer but more expensive and (I'm told) less friendly pub.

Go past Basing House, the Tudor palace that was destroyed in the seventeenth century during a Civil War siege. I haven't taken the tour of the ruins yet because I'm waiting to do it with Husband.

Turn off the road onto the footpath along this field.

There are usually sheep in the field, but today, just a passel of these (blackbirds?).
Follow the path...

...along the stream...

...and under the railway bridge.

The pub is right up ahead, in what used to be a mill.

The footbridge is a fantastic place to feed the ducks. No goslings today, though a few weeks ago I saw nearly twenty of them out for a swim with several sets of parents.
And having come all this way, one must of course stop for a drink!

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