Tuesday, May 17, 2016


This is a very short post simply to say how much I enjoyed my time in Swindon, despite the city being "not very trendy." I played lots of board and card games with my friends, occasionally winning except at the card games, which I almost always lost by a lot. I ended up providing baked goods for an early-evening event, and promised to make really American-style cookies. Determined to make chocolate chip cookies, I headed to the Tesco Express, where I found...no chocolate chips, but (she confesses guiltily) a Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. Ah well, still very American! And then I also baked Husband's recipe for oatmeal cookies, which behaved very differently than I'm used to, and I liked the effect (they stayed as drop cookies instead of spreading out flat like pancakes) so much that I'm going to experiment when I get home to try to replicate it.

The neighborhood was beautiful; I went on many short walks and one long one.

And I even attended a yoga class in the attic room of the farm across the street! It was marvelous, and I'm reminded that even though I love my twice-a-week martial arts weapons training class, I really should make sure to continue taking yoga too.

Also, my friend is awesome at boiling a whole bunch of different vegetables in one small pot. How he times it so that they all finish at exactly the same time, I have no idea, but it's a skill I would love to gain.

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