Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guess who came to say hello?

Not too far from the house is the common, a fenced-in set of fields that function sort of like a park. It's the perfect place to take a dog for a walk, and indeed, for the past few mornings I've been taking my host family's dog there after Morning Prayer. The common is absolutely stunning, outlined by trees and carpeted with buttercups.

The next field over has horses and (at the right times of day) rabbits, none of which come anywhere near the path the dog is accustomed to take on her way back home. I'd admired them from afar. But today, look who came to say hello!

He walked right up to me and licked my boots!
Unfortunately, the dog promptly decided her walk was over, and I had to take her home, but I came back in the afternoon in case the horses were still there. They were, and I couldn't stop smiling.

Three horses and two babies were in the first field, exploring and grazing and (in the case of the babies) napping on the ground. None of them seemed startled to see me, not even the nursing babies, and two of them (including one of the babies!) came up to me and allowed me to pet them! It was a miraculous moment. I realized that I don't think I've ever touched a horse before. The baby in particular kept nibbling at my hand, hoping I had something delicious to share.

What beautiful animals, so sweet and gentle and curious. I found myself quite lost for words, other than "You're so pretty!"

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