Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Locomoting to Libraries

(See what I did there? The Harry Potter fans should...)

I'm ever so pleased to announce that I'll be returning to England for three months again this summer, and will again use this blog to document my travels. Husband will join me for two of those months, and he'll arrive just in time for us to celebrate our five-year anniversary in London at our favorite pub before hopping on a train to Edinburgh the next morning.

I'm going for dissertation research, which will be even more adventurous this time because I won't be based in London and working primarily at the British Library, but instead, have an enormous and exciting list of university, cathedral, and national libraries to visit, all across the UK. I really hate organizing travel logistics but it's all worth it for the chance to see the only surviving copies of things (not to mention, returning to the land of dark chocolate hobnobs).

Here's a list of all of the places I'll be, usually for research but sometimes for pleasure:

Lampeter, Wales
Edinburgh, Scotland
Aberdeen, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland?

One of the reasons I'm writing out this list early, as I'm still making travel plans, is because I'd really love the chance to meet any of my fellow British book bloggers. Let's meet in person and chat bookishly over cups of tea! (And bonus points if you, or someone you know, has a spare bedroom or couch and might be willing to put me up...)

I am going to get so good at British trains this summer.

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