Monday, March 14, 2016

Bite-sized fantasy reviews

Diana Wynne Jones' Dark Lord of Derkholm - Drew Hayes' NPCs meets an immersive LARP like Otherworld (which I heard about in David M. Ewalt's Of Dice and Men). What happens when the NPCs of a fantasy world fight back against the mandatory and ruinous Tours?

Emma Bull's War for the Oaks - I don't normally like urban fantasy, and I usually loathe music done badly in fiction, but I think Emma Bull must be a rock singer herself because she does it right.

Diana Wynne Jones' Year of the Griffin - this book gave me the biggest smile. You spend your whole life looking for books that feel like the first time you read a new Harry Potter book...and sometimes, you find them.

Daniel O'Malley's The Rook - X-Men meets Torchwood. Not a perfect novel but definitely a fun one.