Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter break

I've been away from this blog for a while now. This semester got especially busy. November in particular was full of traveling to research and to sing. My free reading even fell off this fall, which doesn't normally happen. But once the semester ended - I got my students' work turned in to my boss professor and passed another voice jury - things settled into a really wonderful holiday. My husband came home from his own semester (I may have neglected to mention on this blog that he's now attending school in another state to begin his own PhD program). I've baked a lot and held both Thanksgiving and Christmas tea parties. I've sung three rounds of Lessons and Carols, plus an Evensong and a Christmas Eve choral prelude. Husband and I have been watching all 8 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, and we've now begun a Star Wars rewatch so we can go see the new movie. I've gotten back to reading in earnest (including on my new Kindle, Christmas gift from my mother after my old one died). I'm currently in the middle of Nancy Mitford's Christmas Pudding, Lois McMaster Bujold's Curse of Chalion, Sage Blackwood's Jinx, and Charlotte Bronte's Shirley. And perhaps most excitingly, I completed and submitted my first dissertation chapter draft. It's been a really stellar winter break, and with two more weeks to go, I look forward to much more reading (both fiction and dissertation books), tea and pastries, and cuddling with my husband over sci-fi. If only the weather would cooperate and be properly wintery!

This is my new Kindle. I've named it Bodley, after the guy responsible for Oxford's Bodleian Library. Also, showcasing my new red hair, Christmas present to myself!

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