Friday, August 21, 2015

Tales from Moominvalley

I don't normally like short stories, but I loved this collection because it fit so perfectly into the entire collection of stories about the Moomins and their friends. Many of these tales gave us a closer look at some of the minor characters - the Fillyjonk, a Hemulen, the woodies, the Hattifatteners - but we were also introduced to some new ones, and I was delighted when Sniff made a reappearance (after his absence from the last couple of books, I'd been afraid he was gone for good). The focus on understanding and accommodating introversion remains, and care for others is demonstrated to be equally as important as self-care. Moomin stories always seem to navigate the tension between the two in a way that I find complex, nuanced, and truly beautiful.


  1. Despite my great love for Tove Jansson, I've still only read one of her Moomin books - must rectify!

    1. Whereas I keep reading your glowing reviews of her writing for adults and am constantly reminded that I need to try more of those! I'm not a fan of short stories, but I think for her, I might make an exception. And her Summer Book remains one of my very favorites.