Sunday, June 8, 2014

My mum's coming to visit!

Since I spent the last week writing my article, in addition to extra-long days at the library because I've been working on some super cool projects there, I haven't had the time to post here. The highlight of the week was definitely celebrating our third anniversary, which we did at a fun pub which had really excellent beer. We also visited the Twinings Tea Shop - more on that later! I'm spending this afternoon on edits and citations, and then the article will be nearly done, hooray! And just in time, too, because my mum is flying out to London tonight to visit us for a week!

I hope to write and schedule several blog posts this afternoon, so that over the next few days I can share some gorgeous photos from last week, and no doubt I'll have exciting stories after mum's trip. Other than one small quote I have to double-check at the library, I'm taking this week as a vacation, and we'll be visiting Swinton, Oxford, and Manchester, in addition to showing my mom around London. I fully anticipate visiting great friends, sharing some delicious Indian food (my mum's favorite), late-night catching up over hobnobs and tea, and my first views of the exquisite English countryside.

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