Monday, May 12, 2014

And we're off, with adventures in Washington DC!

After a long day on buses and then a lovely little walk from Union Station, we made it to our hotel in Washington DC last night.  Our hotel was right next to the National Mall (IE all the monuments) and we could see the impressive dome of the Capitol Building as we walked up to our hotel.  The first order of business, after checking in, was finding food, since we'd only had snacks on the bus all day.  We wandered around a bit before finding a fabulous Irish pub.  Beer for husband, cider for me, and we split an order of fish and chips and an order of mac and cheese made with gouda and corned beef.  Both were excellent!  Then husband settled in to enjoy Cosmos and the Cardinals game while I delved into Ally Condie's YA novel Matched, which pleasantly surprised me with its decent writing and well-executed world-building.

Right now I'm sitting in the Washington Dulles airport with another half hour or so before we board our flight to London!  My feet are very sore and I may be a little sunburned, but that's okay because we had a really fantastic day of touristing.  After hitting a local cafe (which reminded me a lot of Panera) for a delicious breakfast, we spent our morning and afternoon at the Capitol Building (super interesting and very impressive), the Library of Congress (swoon!  Except they wouldn't let me in a reading room!), and the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum (which has actual famous planes hanging from the ceiling!).

Husband in front of the Capitol Building

A closer shot of the dome

The plaster model for the Statue of Freedom at the top of the dome.  Note the Native American headdress, the final decision of the designer after a wreath and a liberty cap.

The amazingly gorgeous ceiling of the entrance hall of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.

The Mainz Bible - 15th-century hand-written manuscript

The Gutenberg Bible - one of the first books ever printed with metal movable type.  Seeing this one brings our total up to two (we geeked out over the one at the Yale Rare Books Library a few years ago).

These photos are from the Air and Space Museum, and I unfortunately don't remember what all of these planes and spacey objects are!  Husband was like a kid in a candy shop though, he was beaming so much as we explored the museum, and he had fascinating stories to tell about a lot of these planes.  With his help I added captions:

SpaceShip One

The command module for the lunar lander

The Spirit of St. Louis


The lunar lander (a prototype, anyway)

The actual model of the Starship Enterprise used to film the show!!

I took photos of all of the WWII planes A) because they're really interesting and B) because my dad loves this stuff.


Japanese - the very model featured in the recent Miyazaki film




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  1. I'm so glad to hear you had a great day in DC! Despite living just across the river, I still haven't made it to the Library of Congress or the Capitol, and it's been years and years since I went to the Air and Space museum. (I do make it to the art museums a little more often, but not often enough.)