Monday, December 30, 2013

Look at this thing I have made!

I'm really absurdly proud of this!  I'm far from skilled at sewing, but have hemmed enough pants this year to feel confident tackling a case for my Kindle.  This way, I can shove it in my schoolbag without worrying that it might get banged around or the screen might get scratched.  And I made it all (mostly) myself!

I made this from two layers of fabric - an old sheet and a piece of felt (for extra padding) - plus a button from my box of all the miscellaneous extra buttons from clothing that comes with a spare.  I can't claim any credit for the design; it comes from my husband.  If you want a walk-through, I'll gladly provide it, but there are so many guides for sewing Kindle cases online that it's probably easier just to look up one of those if you're interested.  Husband assures me that the button isn't annoyingly off-center, but fun in a hipster sort of way.  It's not terribly well-finished (if you look closely at the inside of the flap, you can see that the side edges are raw), but this case is perfectly functional and, I think, rather adorable.

And doesn't James Joyce look so wonderfully angsty in this screensaver?

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