Friday, December 14, 2012

Baking and Books: Devil's Food Chocolate Cupcakes

'Tis the season when my household fills up with delicious food!  With time to spare, as we're both on winter break, and extra motivation, as we fill up our schedule with dinners and potlucks with friends, we both end up baking a lot.  I can't take any credit for these wonderful cupcakes.  My husband made them for dessert when we have a couple of new friends from church over for dinner and board games tonight.  I did, however, get to sample one while I started Mary Mapes Dodge's The Silver Skates, selected from my to-read pile because I was in the mood for something wintery.  This cupcake sample was strictly for quality control, of course.  ;-)  I'm sorry that I can't share the recipe directly.  It doesn't come from a blog, but from Mark Bittman's wonderful How to Cook Everything - one of the only cookbooks a household really needs!

In other news, we now have a Christmas tree!  I've been dying to get one ever since Advent started, but we waited until after finals so that we could devote our attention to it properly.  It's very little, but perfect for our small apartment.  I loved decorating it together and hearing all the stories of my husband's ornaments.  Some he made as a kid at his church's Advent Festival; many others were given to him by family friends.  We even have a few ornaments that we picked out together since we began dating.  I grew up with a plastic Christmas tree, and having a real one is still a delightful novelty.  As an added bonus, between the cupcakes, the tree, and the bread currently baking in the oven, my house smells amazing.

Wishing you delicious food, delightful books, and a lovely weekend!

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