Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baking and Books: Berlinerkranser

Good morning, all!  Today for Baking and Books, I give you fresh-baked Berlinerkranser and Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals.

I got up early today to bake some Advent cookies.  A few of my grad student colleagues and I will be cleaning and organizing one of our shared offices later this morning, so I thought I'd bring something delicious to share.  These look so pretty, and the perfect complement to my current read, My Family and Other Animals.  While not an Advent/winter book per say, it does feel appropriate for this family-oriented season since it was one of my husband's childhood favorites.  He specifically asked me to move it up my TBR list so that I'll understand one of their frequent family jokes.  (However, I haven't gotten far enough into the book yet to know what he's talking about!)  The cookies too are reminiscent of family.  These Berlinerkranser ("Berlin wreaths") aren't German at all, but Norwegian.  My in-laws are Scandinavian and Berlinerkranser made frequent appearances at Christmastime when my husband was growing up.  I thought I'd try my hand at one of the traditional recipes my new family holds so dear.  We're still relatively newlywed and making a point of establishing some family traditions of our own, centered around the changing of the liturgical year.  Perhaps these Advent cookies will become one of them.

I got the recipe for these lovely cookies here.  I had a lot of fun decorating with candied fruit - a few of my cookies are crowned with holly berries, and the others are sprinkled like ornamented wreaths.  I halved the recipe, thinking that three whole sticks of butter would make far too many cookies...but if my husband likes them as much as I think he will, I may have to make some more!


  1. What's the recipe? They sound delicious...

    1. They are! :-) If you click on the embedded link ("I got the recipe for these lovely cookies HERE"), you'll find the recipe. I think I added a bit more orange zest than called for (always a good thing, in my opinion!)