Saturday, July 21, 2012

We're Moving!

I have an assortment of announcements to make, the most exciting of which is that we are in the process of packing for our big move to North Carolina!  All of my books, with the exception of my TBR shelf, have been packed - and those things are HEAVY, especially the academic texts!  I'll be reading sporadically over the next week and a half, but it's unlikely that I'll be making much of an appearance on the blogosphere until after we get set up in our new home.

Having no time to post is actually not going to be all that problematic, because I've discovered the difficulty with being in the middle of three 600-page books all at once: it takes you forever to actually finish one of them.  I'm actively reading from all three, so it's likely I'll get through them all at about the same time.  And so, it may be a little while before I actually post any more reviews.

Thirdly, in preparation for this move away from the St. Louis public libraries, I've just created one massive Excel spreadsheet for my TBR list - up until now, I've used a combination of cell phone reminders, a Word document, and the library website's wish list to keep track of what I want to read.  I'm a little shocked at the number: 208!  Bear in mind that this list only includes books I will have to check out from the library; any books I own and still need to read are not on this list.  All in all, it looks like I'll have plenty of reading material for many years!

Wish us luck with the move, and I hope you all have an enjoyable week or two.  My recommendation?  Grab something icy-cold to drink and head out to a park with a book.  :-)

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